Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

We’ve all seen the TV commercials for personal injury lawyers who claim to have impeccable records fighting for those who are injured through no fault of their own. The truth is, most of those attorneys have never faced a battle that put them in the courtroom where they truly had to fight for their clients. Instead, they resolve cases by reaching agreements with insurance companies on a settlement that may be far less than their injured clients deserve.

At Vukelich Law Firm, PLLC, in Duluth, our commitment to fight for the maximum amount we feel our clients deserve is one of the most important factors that distinguishes us from the majority of other injury law firms in Minnesota. We go to court when a fair agreement cannot be reached through negotiation. The insurance companies and their lawyers know this, which allows us to negotiate from a position of strength. We are able to resolve the majority of our cases without litigating as a result.

How To Select A Personal Injury Lawyer

In addition to our commitment to not compromise for less than our clients deserve, here are some other important characteristics we feel set us apart from our competitors:

You work with the lawyer you hire. Many personal injury law firms advertise their experience and then hand your case off to a junior attorney, or even a paralegal, once you have signed on with them. Attorney John E. Vukelich brings more than 40 years of experience in personal injury law to the table, and if you hire John, you work with him from start to finish.

We are completely focused on injury law. Attorney Vukelich has practiced personal injury law throughout his professional career. It is the only area of law in which he has ever practiced. As a result, he is always current on factors such as changes in law, trends in accident investigation and medical knowledge, all of which play a key role in the outcomes of these cases.

We know the other side of these cases. Not only has Mr. Vukelich spent his entire career practicing personal injury law, but early in his career he worked as an insurance defense lawyer. This provides valuable insight today into how our opponents will build their cases. It also gives us great insight into properly evaluating a case so we know when a reasonable offer is on the table.

We emphasize clear communication. It’s a fact of life that personal injury lawsuits can take months, if not years, to resolve. That can be frustrating for someone who is hurting, unable to work and facing mounting medical costs as well as daily expenses. We will keep you posted at every stage of your case, and we communicate with medical professionals to help work out alternative billing whenever possible.

Our commitment and compassion are unsurpassed. Our clients are more than clients. We become closely involved in order to better understand how your injuries affect your daily life. We see how painful these injuries are for you and your loved ones. Our team’s skills extend far beyond legal guidance to include coaching for coping with the challenges that result from being seriously or even permanently injured.

The Transition From Fear To Faith

We know how stressful it can be to be hurting and uncertain of whether you will be able to return to work or how you will pay your bills. We embrace the opportunity to help injured parties transition from fear of the unknown to having faith that their financial, physical and emotional needs will be met.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, we invite you to schedule a free consultation in which we can answer your questions, review the facts of your case and recommend a course of action. There is never an upfront charge and we only collect an attorney fee if we help you obtain a recovery. Our goal is to put more money in your pocket than you would recover on your own or by using another law firm.

Call 218-461-9950 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting. We represent clients throughout Minnesota and we are happy to travel to meet with you.